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Welcome to Holibae - we are so happy that you're here!

Meet Jenn and Katie, two passionate entrepreneurs who met while running their own small businesses in October 2020. Jenn is the owner of Jenny Be Free, an online boutique that offers a range of jewelry & accessories. Katie owns Lazy Bake, an easy at-home baking kit company. 

These two realized early on that they would be great friends! Jenn will never forget the day when Katie said “we are going to be best friends”. To be honest, she was a little weirded out at the time. Little did Jenn know, these girls would become just that. They had so many common interests - from golf and snowboarding, to navigating the journey of their small businesses and more. Both of them are lovers of Christmas and everything that goes with it - which is where the seed of Holibae was planted. 

December of 2021 was the moment it changed for Katie & Jenn. After mutual frustrations trying to find fun and cute Christmas apparel, they knew they needed to make a change. That is when Holibae was born! They saw that the market was missing some fun, trendy designs that made the holiday and season fun, but that are still delicate enough for everyday wear.

Since both women are creative and passionate entrepreneurs this turned into another challenge that they are super excited about! So get ready for some amazing designs and styles coming to you during the seasons of change and of course, the festive holidays.

We are so thrilled to be able to bring our passion for fun holiday apparel to life, and we can’t wait to share this with you all.

Xoxo, Holibae

Passionate Women Entrepneurs


Interested in easy at-home baking kits? Check out Lazy Bake!


Interested in jewelry & accessories? Check out my online boutique Jenny Be Free!

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